Sinter Production and Blast Furnaces

Sinter Production and Blast Furnaces


Sintering plants

    UkrSSEC Energostal in the field of sintering production carries out works related to engineering new and reconstruction of operating sintering plants for iron ore and manganous raw material sintering. The projects provide for measures enable increasing sintered ore output by high level of mechanization and automation of technological processes on preparing raw material for sintering; improving product quality; reducing harmful emissions released into atmospheric air; mechanizing material handling as well as energy- and recourse saving, ferriferous wastes recovery in sintering, blast-furnace & steel-smelting shops.

    The Center develops feasibility reports for building of new, reconstruction of operating, out-of-date sintering plants at iron & steel works of Ukraine, namely: JSC Enakievo Iron & Steel Works, JSC Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works and JSC Dneprovsk Iron & Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky, JSC Southern Ore Mining and Processing Plant, etc.

     New sintering shops are built with using existing sites and lossless for the works.

Blast-furnace shops

    UkrSSEC Energostal in the field of blast-furnace production carries out works related to:

  • Designing of new blast furnaces on smelting all kinds of iron, including blast-furnace ferroalloys.
  • Reconstruction of blast furnaces to bring them up to the level with the world standards.
  • Installations for coal-dust fuel injection into blast furnace hearth.
  • New designs of units for blast furnace cooling (water and evaporative as well as chemically treated water in the closed circuit).
  • Cooling of blast furnace stack with using both iron cooling plates, and copper, concrete panels with steel thick-walled pipes.
  • Dynamic regulation systems of technological process by monitoring thermodynamic condition of tuyere zone and change of output and parameters of the combined blasting in automatic mode with the help of computer facilities.
  • Up-to-date conveyor charge supply with rational placement of charge material in the constrained conditions of operating blast-furnace shops with aspiration of emissions into atmospheric air.
  • Casting yards of blast furnaces of rectangular, round and semicircular forms with installing trunks of new design, using high refractory mixture and aspiration of emissions into atmospheric air by fabric filters and electrostatic precipitators.
  • High-temperature air-heaters with the built in or remote chamber of burning as well as development of new designs under customers will.
  • Plants for deep sulfur removal from iron with using any reagents or installation of tribapparatus with aspiration of harmful emissions.
  • Complexes of casting machines and warehouses of cold iron.
  • Slag granulation units, etc.

     According to the projects elaborated by the Center blast furnaces No.1 and 2 at JSC Donetsk Iron & Steel Works were reconstructed, JSC Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works is currently being fundamentally modernized. Blast furnace No.4M at JSC Dneprovsk Iron & Steel Works named after Dzerzhinsky is being designed now. All blast-furnace shops are equipped with coal-dust fuel systems and departments for preparing coal dust.

23 jule 2014
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